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Welcome to Unity University College, School of
Online Education
"Higher Education will no longer be inaccessible. We will take it to every doorstep."
 The Vision
a The need for education in one form or
another is growing phenomenally.
Especially the advent of information technology has enormously increased
  the demand for knowledge and information.
Nowadays, education is accessible from everywhere.

Online education is an effective mode of education delivery, that is growing in popularity all over the world. It is a very effective tool, especially for adult learners who need to advance their education, but have other commitments that do not allow them to pursue their education on regular programs.
"I did it!"
  Unity Online will become one of the best and reputable online education programs in Africa.
  The Mission  
  The purpose of the Unity Online program is to deliver an affordable and highly globally competitive online education in diverse fields of studies to students from all over the world.
Adequate academic qualification is becoming a major prerequisite for employment and promotions by many businesses in Africa. This happened due
to the increased need for highly skilledmanpower by businesses in a
  highly competitive business environment these days. Skilled human resources are the critical elements for the success of any business. Therefore, companies do not have any other option but to seek for highly trained staff. Due to this, the need for training is continuously growing.
Creating Opportunity Through Education
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